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Kalamon Olives in Special Recipe

General: our olives are of Kalamon variety, the most popular Greek olives, and one of World’s superior quality table olive varieties.

Mid October – mid December.

Process: Any olives if picked and eaten directly from olive tree, taste extremely bitter. Consequently, we naturally cure our olives in water, and we take care of them and observe for a period up to 7 months. No other actions are taken to speed up this process. Given that we don’t pasteurize our olives (which would destroy most nutritional elements), our olives come as pure as Mother Nature delivers. Our only preservatives are the sea salted water and our Mana Gea Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Special Recipe: Based on a traditional recipe, used by our grandparents, the brine for our Mana Gea Kalamon Olives, consist of water, sea salt, vinegar (0,4%), fresh lemon juice, fresh lemon slices and Mana Gea Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Uses: Ideal for Salads (especially Greek Salad) and eating them as appetizers. Can very well accompany alcohol.


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