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Adopt A Tree

Dear Friend,

With our Adopt A Tree scheme, we offer you the chance to adopt one or more of our trees, either for yourself or maybe as a present for loved ones. In return, we take care of the cultivation and caring of the tree(s), and will send you a customised certificate in the name of the person of your choice, along with a picture of the olive tree.
At harvest time (mid Nov – end Feb) we can either arrange to harvest and produce the olive oil in bottles of 750ml, and label them with any name you want, or even arrange for you to come with your family or friends to pick  the olives yourselves, and at the same time to visit our fields and get acquainted with the beautiful area of Monemvasia. In this scenario we can arrange everything for you (in terms of travelling, accommodation etc).

Come visit us, and see for yourself why we believe our olive oil is the best in the world.

For more information, please feel free to contact us


Please contact us at or phone +302105615650