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In the South East of Greece, in the Region of Laconia, around 300kms form Athens and 90kms from Sparta, one can find one of the most historic and exciting regions, Monemvasia. An area covered by the blessed Olive trees.

Behind the walls of the most famous rocky islet in Greece, time has stopped. You are in a bygone era. You can feel it by touching its old stone walls, by taking in the fresh air coming in from the Myrtoo Sea, by strolling along its narrow cobbled alleys....Monemvasia has been called the Gibraltar of the Aegean....Outside this unique medieval castle settlement, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mana Gea is produced.

Monemvasia, apart from its history and its unique castle that attract tourists from all over the world, its excellent olive oil, is also famous for its wine, and amigdalota (almond macaroon sweets)


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