Pure Olive Oil Products from Mother Earth

Our company has been born out of our love for the sacred olive fruit.

With supplies from Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece a region with a rich tradition in olives, we suggest a way of life close to the innocence and purity of nature. At a time when dietary values are constantly changing, we stand by olive oil for the quality and reputation of what has been a renowned local product since ancient times.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A premium first cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil, elegant and sophisticated, very low in acidity.

Mana Gea Extra Virgin Olive Oil, is a fine blend of local ”Athinoelia” and “Koroneiki” olive varieties.

A unique marriage giving a superb and balanced full taste, aroma, rich in nutrient and vitamins, resulting in one of best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world.

Obtained directly from handpicked olives and solely by traditional method and mechanical means.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Organic Farming

Mana Gea Extra Virgin Olive Oil Organic is created purely from organically grown olives.

Comes from our groves where strict rules are applied. There is no room for fertilizers nor sprays, nor any kind of treatment used in the pressing of the olives, the preservation and bottling of our olive oil.

Originated from the ”Koroneiki” variety, giving a characteristically mild unique taste and aroma, with low acidity and all the benefits of a truly organic product.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Limited

At Mana Gea we intend to re define your olive oil experience by delivering new enlightening and surprising encounters , with Limited editions of rare olive oils from our organic farms, such as our

Early Harvest Unfiltered Organic, from green unripped ”Athinoelia” olives

Unfiltered Organic, from the distinctive ”Koroneiki” olive variety,

Organic 300 made from with ”Athinoelia” olives from 300 Year Old trees,

Organic Wild from Wild Olive Trees!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits

Protects Heart Health
Helps Fight Cancer
Helps with Weight Loss and Obesity Prevention
Supports Brain Health
Fights Mood Disorders and Depression
Great for Boosting Skin Health
Can Help Prevent or Treat Diabetes


Our olives are of Kalamon variety, the most popular Greek olives, and one of World’s superior quality table olives.

Given that we don’t pasteurize our olives (which would destroy most nutritional elements), our olives come as pure as Mother Earth delivers. Our only preservatives are the sea salted water and our Mana Gea Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Based on a traditional recipe, used by our grandparents, the brine for our Mana Gea Kalamon Olives, consist of water, salt, lemon juice, lemon slices and extra virgin olive oil.

Adopt an Olive Tree

Imagine telling your dinner guests about the olive tree you adopted in Greece !

With our Create your Own Olive Oil scheme, we offer you the chance to adopt one or more of our trees, either for yourself or maybe as a present for loved ones.

In return, we take care of the cultivation and caring of the tree(s), and will send you a customized certificate in the name of the person of your choice, along with a picture of the olive tree.

Offered by the Land of Monemvasia

In the South East of Greece, in the Region of Laconia, around 300kms form Athens and 90kms from Sparta, one can find one of the most historic and exciting regions, Monemvasia. The home of Mana Gea. An area covered by the blessed Olive trees.