The story of Mana Gea

Mana Gea in ancient Greek means “Mother Earth”

Every story has a beginning. We are blessed, since our story started hundreds of years ago, and we are just continuing the legacy: Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Land of Monemvasia, Laconia, Greece, a region full of history and one of the richest tradition and olive oil culture in the world

Our participation in this story is that we created the brand Mana Gea, which encompass all the values accompanying this legacy.

The main purpose is to provide and share this olive oil to the world.

It is an obligation to leave to our children this story alive, in order to keep the legacy going on to future generations, from father to son.

Our Vision

We suggest a way of life close to the Innocence and Purity of Nature.

At a time when dietary values are constantly changing, we stand by olive oil for the quality and reputation of what has been a renowned local product since ancient times.

Just as in the days of our forefathers, olive oil is today enjoyed for its quality, taste and nutritional properties.  We believe that today’s modern lifestyles look to tradition to reclaim the scents, images and unmatched values of nature.


At Mana Gea we remain loyal to the passions and knowledge of our forefathers.

We grew up, learned, lived and played together with our olive trees. That’s the reason we feel responsible and lucky. For us, Mother Earth is the source of our inspiration and a guarantee for any products purchased with our brand name on them.

To continue and preserve our family tradition and heritage of olive oil production that dates back to the Byzantine times, our farms are continuing in the sustainable care and respect of the land, by using the strictest rules of organic farming