Tree Adoptions

..Even before sunrise, the entire village would go to work collecting olives, bracing wind and rain. There would always be a great deal of laughter, joyful singing and a merry disposition as everyone would help one another to gather the olives from their farms…..

quotation from uncle Nikos

One can feel the same emotions and feelings as our family has experienced for many generations now. With our Create your Own Olive Oil «Adopt A Tree» scheme, we offer you the chance to adopt one or more of our trees, either for yourself or maybe as a present for loved ones. In return, we take care of the cultivation and caring of the tree(s), and will send you a customized certificate in the name of the person of your choice, along with a picture of the olive tree.

How it works

We have a number of trees for you to choose from our Mana Gea estates.

There are mainly 3 categories: 1) trees that are up to approximately 50 years old, 2) trees from approximately 50-150 years old and 3) Older than 150 years. Please note that there are trees, that are more than than 300 years old!

Under our supervision and cultivation, we make sure that the oil you will get, it is up to our Mana Gea standards.

What you experience

A Certificate that acknowledges the person who has adopted the tree (trees) in one of our Mana Gea estates. The tree (trees) will be marked with a special sign bearing the name of the tree and the name of the adoptor. The Adoptor may come to Monemvasia, the nearest town to the olive fields, to see his trees and/or participate in picking up of the olives. He may see how his olives are mechanically processed to extra virgin olive oil, his personal olive oil. We will bottle the olive oil in 750ml glass bottles and label the bottles under his name or any other name he would like to have on the label. We will provide all necessary assistance to arrange accommodation and to generally organize his trip to Monemvasia when he would like to visit it. The picking of the olives in our region takes place from the middle of October until the mid of February.

(An average production of a single of our olive trees gives around 50 kilograms of olives, and around 12 liters of extra virgin olive oil.  These quantities may vary every year due to the general weather conditions and overall productivity of the year’s harvest).

Adopt an olive tree from Mana Gea estate for one year.

At harvest time (mid Oct – end Feb) we can either arrange to harvest and produce the olive oil in bottles of 750ml, and label them with any name you want, or even arrange for you to come with your family or friends to pick the olives yourselves, and at the same time to visit our fields and get acquainted with the beautiful area of Monemvasia. In this scenario we can arrange everything for you (in terms of travelling, accommodation etc).

Come visit us, and see for yourself why we believe our olive oil is the best in the world.

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