( from Grandmother Kaliopi )

Ingredients: • 1 kilo flour with 2 spoonfuls of dry yeast • 80 grams Mana Gea • 2 cups tepid water • 2 teaspoons salt • 1 spoonful sugar • 1 spoonful oregano • 150 grams Kalamata olives • Few leaves of rosemary

Implementation :Mix the flour in a bowl with the dry yeast and oregano.  Add the sugar, the salt, the Mana Gea and water and  knead until the dough becomes very flexible. After we cover it and we put in a hot part until it rises! Then, roll out in a baking pan (having first greased the pan) and press lightly in order to level.  Oil it and with your fingers create small holes, where you place the olives and the rosemary leaves. We bake for one hour in the oven under a medium temperature! Serve fresh and hot!